Can you really fly cheaper than Easyjet on a private plane?


Not many of us would dare dream of flying off on vacation on our very own private jet unless we gained lottery or married Dan Bilzerian. But we are all dreamers, aren’t we? Flying privately is definitely a luxury for some people, but nothing is impossible. Let me tell you how to land your first private jet flight!!

Know the right place to look

Every month an estimated 3,000 private jets make greater than 40,000 relocation flights or empty-leg journeys, with no one but a pilot on board. These flights can be picked up for a much less than theprice of a business flight if you know the right place to look.According to an industry expert, flying privately can be cheaper than you actually suppose – with seats on unique planes often beating competitive expenditures from cheap airways such as Easyjet and British Airways.

Through high-end private jet online websites such as Victor, set up by Clive Jackson three years ago in reply to BMI cutting down their everyday flights to Mallorca where he had a vacation house, you and sufficient buddies to fill the empty cabins can enjoy low priced flights on your very own private jets.So can you actually fly cheaper on a private jet than a commercial airline? We gathered for you the best available offers currently on the market:

Carlisle to Luton

This Sunday, you can fly from Carlisle to London Luton for just £280 on a Citation Bravo aircraft, as long as you can get seven of your dearest friends to share the £1,966 journey with you.On British Airways, an economy flight from Edinburgh to London Heathrow will charge you £324 if you desire to check your bags in. So take your mates and enjoy a hell of a ride!

London to Corsica

With the assistance PrivateFly, a comparable stream rental online webpage, you may really fly from any London airplane terminal to Ajaccio Campo Dell’oro on a seller 400XP, with the organization of your best eight companions at £250 per individual (flying on August 15). The correct trip on a business aircraft at such brief time is about difficult to get, yet will cost you exclusively marginally significantly less at £230 – tickets with – in a couple of months. Also, you’ll need to share the lodge and your leg space. Sounds great, isn’t that right?

Nice to Stansted

It will cost only £184 to fly from Nice to London Stansted with Easjet today, however for just £15 more, you should fly from Nice to Birmingham on a Challenger 604 aircraft. How awesome does this sound? Sound so good to be true, but it’s true!

Nice to Sardinia

On the off chance that you really favor an expanded excursion bouncing between untainted goals, you should fly between Nice-Cote d’Azur and Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, this Wednesday (August 13) which, with seven companions, will come to only £235 on a Hawker 400XP. I say you better not miss this astonishing opportunity, see more why:


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private jet charter

Pull Out all the Stops with Private Jet Charter

Whether it’s a proposal, a honeymoon, or a milestone anniversary, your special occasion should be flawless from start to finish. However, the commercial airport leaves plenty of room for stress to creep in. Don’t let the risk of traffic, crowds, delays, and lost luggage ruin a perfect moment. Instead, book a private jet charter to be whisked away in luxury. After all that planning, you deserve to be taken care of. With our help, you can start celebrating from the moment you leave home. visit us now!

Private jet charters are no longer just a simple luxury to add-on.  These are the most logical and cost-effective options because it provide an efficient and are worry-free way of travel which will enhances better time management as well as it contributes also towards the bottom line of your life.  But the question is: Can you afford the possible productivity losses which are very common in every commercial flight these days? Absolutely, we can really fly for single executive and/or for corporate team within your style, as well as with the sophisticated amenities you need to be effective and arrive at your destination relaxed and focused.

The perception of choosing this method of transportation generally paints a picture of luxury, leather seats and rounds of champagne. Despite some truth to the matter, often the reasons for selection come down to convenience of travel. If one is the business of securing high-end deals which fluctuate according to time or whim and fancy of the client, it is, therefore, in the interest of all parties to accommodate these factors. Inability to attend meetings or presentations called on short notice may spell doom for one’s organization as vultures readily circle in wait of fallen victims. visit today!

private jet charterNo better can one’s tolerance be tested than to watch in aghast as the charter flight status board changes for the worse. Most, if not all, on business calls impatiently squirm in waiting lounges as opportunities continue to slip away with each passing hour. In more dire circumstances, lengthy flight delays spell added risks for time-sensitive situations such as emergency transport of patients or organs. Time ultimately equals money or life. Private jet charters provide an alternative method whereby pressing needs can be attended minus common logistic hassles.

The aviation industry enjoys a healthy stream of income as more established businesses demand a picture of luxury via this mode of travel. Conventional methods of charter on demand are being caught on by those who sign up for memberships with the various fliers. Members are accorded higher priority and assured of aircraft availability despite absence of confirmed itineraries.

Another plus point to justify the hiring of a private jet charter is the inability to leave once aboard. Similar to cruise ships, the party is pretty much stuck with one another’s company until the destination is reached. Barring an unforeseen earlier landing, it is an opportune moment to transform skepticism into agreement and hopefully a gentleman’s handshake before the end of trip. Time is also well spent as in-flight meetings present opportunities for post-flight golf.

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Private Jet Charter Services – The Choices You Have and the Items You Need to Know

There are many different companies you can use to assist you with whichever service you want. So, why wait in line when you can be the only one in line. Private jet charter services today are varied and there are many. You can choose from chartering, fractional ownership and using a flight card program.

Private Jet Charter. This is the most popular private jet charter service people choose to use. You pay per hour and only what you use. Just go from A to B and pay all costs. These planes can fly to 1000s of airports where no commercial planes go and, depending on which company you choose, you can leave within 1 hr from when you call.

Flight Card Programs. A charter flight card is like a debit card from where they deduct the hours you fly after each trip. So, it is all pre-paid. You can purchase anywhere from 25 hours to 100 hours depending on the operator. They take care of everything for you and you get to choose from any plane you would like to use.

Fractional Ownership. Fractional ownership is when you own a percentage share in a jet with a few other people. You get reduced rates and access to the plane on days chosen by you. Usually, a company manages the task of the timetable and who gets access when. You pay monthly and annual fees as well as per-hour and per-day use fees.

So, surround yourself in luxury with a beautiful jet of your choosing and get ready for a wonderful private ride. get full info coming from

Celebrities with Jets:

Donald Trump
Boeing 727 – Michael Donovan is the pilot who flies this beauty that has 24 carat gold seat belt buckles, with a bedroom and bathroom that also has 24 carat gold sink and faucets. The plane is valued at around US $50 million and has a yearly maintenance fee of about US $2 million.

Tom Cruise
– WWII P-51 Mustang – US $1 million
– Beech F90 – US 1.2M dollars
–  Lear Jet – US $14 million

– Pitts S2 Stunt Plane – US $100,000
– Gulfstream GIV – US $28 million.

jetThis jet has a jacuzzi and screening room. It flies at 548mph, 877 km/h.
Tom Cruise happens to have a license as a pilot who owns the five planes listed above. That is amazing!

Oprah Winfrey
The Gulfstream IV – It can fly from Chicago to Zurich non-stop. It seats 13 people. Cost is US $30 million.

Mel Gibson
Gulfstream V – Has Rolls Royce engines and comes at a cost of US $40 million.

Angelina Jolie.
The Cirrus private jet charter of Angelina Jolie is a licensed pilot who owns a Cirrus, which is one of the smaller planes. This plane has been voted the world’s bestselling airplane 4 years running by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. The starting price is US $199,000 for the basic model and US $449,000 for the deluxe. read more here!

Harrison Ford
Gulfstream V – Ford is a licensed pilot who has been flying for many years. He actually owns three aircraft including a helicopter.

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