The Economics Of Private Jet Charters

When you think about the private jet charter, you probably fall into 1 of 2 categories: Either you do not know how expensive it is to own and operate a jet or you can say for certain and don’t understand how anybody, even the wealthy, could find the money for to take flight privately.

If you are the former, here are some fun facts. The expense of a fresh jet will range between $3 million to $90 million or more.

The world’s priciest private jet belongs to Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. This $500 million aircraft carries a two-car garage, a stable for horses and camels, and a prayer room that rotates so that it always faces Mecca.

Why Do They Need to Fly Privately Anyhow?

Busy professionals cannot afford to show up the past due for an important reaching or even to feel sluggish as a result of rigours of commercial travel. They know that the cost of failure far surpasses the price of private jet travel.”

Since many private jet charter customers tend to be business travellers, this is a huge advantage, especially when important meetings run much longer than expected, the aircraft will still be at the air port waiting for you, alternatively than needing to book a fresh flight as you’ll with a commercial airline.

Moreover, since some jets include fax machines, Wi-Fi, and other office amenities, executives could work while on the way in a safe, secure environment.

How Much WOULD IT Cost?

If you’ve decided that investing in a plane is a little out of your cost range, you are going to do what most of the worlds wealthy do: charter an aeroplane. How much does indeed that cost? Based on the type of private jet charter, costs could be $8,000 each hour or more, according to Twidell. A brief flight from New York City to Boston could be as little as $5,000, but a long flight from New York City to Moscow starts off at around $118,500.

Unlike commercial aviation, however, you are not spending money on seats, you are paying for the plane. Which means no matter just how many people you take with you, the price is the same. A business making a team of eight people to Boston is paying $625 per person.

SAVING CASH on Private Plane Flights

Not all clients are looking for luxury jets stocked with a common type of caviar. That is where companies like Hopscotch Air enter the market. Rather than jets, the company offers chartered services using turboprop aeroplanes – translation: plane with propellers.

Prices are usually $500 to $2,000 per hour. And many visitors to the trip and also you could wind up paying less per person than business-class prices on a commercial aircraft.

There are also empty leg flights that are priced up to 75% off the standard cost of a trip.

To conclude:

Ever think about why you probably can’t set feet on a commercial aircraft without paying a couple of hundred dollars? Because flights are expensive placing a jet in the air costs much money after paying for the crew, maintenance, international airport fees and even more. Although there are now more affordable charges for private travel, it is still generally reserved for the richest of the rich who can afford the often multi-thousand–dollar hourly price tag private jet charter.

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